Want to Sell Your Home?

Janice Doe, Realtor®

Of course you can list your home for sale through various sites, but what good will this do if you don’t know how to market your home? If your home isn’t properly staged, it doesn’t showcase its natural beauty, or really “wow” potential buyers.

We are a team of professional seller’s agents here to help you list and sell your home. Not only are we going to sell it, and list it through more MLS listing sites than you knew existed, we are going to work to make sure the highest offers are received as well.

We compare other properties in the local market (similar size, value, age of the home, condition, etc), to make sure we list it at the right asking price. If you wish to have open houses, we will stage the home. We will create a home that any buyer can see themselves living in! We understand the market in a way most sellers don’t. For this reason alone our seller’s agents are going to benefit you greatly when listing your home.

We do the Heavy Lifting!

If you’re considering listing your home without the assistance of a qualified seller’s agent, you may generate some interest, but probably not in the magnitude you had hoped for. This means your home will sit on the market longer. This is where the right seller’s agent can help. We are the premier team to turn to when you are ready to list your property to sell quickly and at top dollar!

What's Your Home Worth?

Setting the right price matters! Get your FREE home valuation created by a real person by filling in the form below.

Why The Sample Company?


Contact us today to learn about our services, how we can present your home in the most favorable light, and how we will work to make sure you receive more offers, and eventually receive the highest value possible when selling your home.

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